Indexing float, double and decimal values – Sitecore 7 Content Search


Sitecore Content Search stores Sitecore Number field values as integers by default, e.g. 12.50 will be indexed as 12. Luckily it’s very easy to reconfigure this behavior as the required indexing mechanisms are already present in the Sitecore Content Search API. The indexing behavior can be changed for the Sitecore Number field type as a whole, rather than having to be changed for each individual field in the solution.

Examples are based on Sitecore CMS 7.1 Update-1 (rev. 140130).


Copy the following configuration into a .config-file and place it in a subfolder of “/App_Config/Include”, e.g. “/App_Config/Include/MyCompany/ContentSearch.NumberField.config”. Doing so will map a field reader of type PrecisionNumericFieldReader to all Sitecore fields of type Number:

<configuration xmlns:patch="">
              <fieldReader fieldTypeName="number" fieldNameFormat="{0}" fieldReaderType="Sitecore.ContentSearch.FieldReaders.PrecisionNumericFieldReader, Sitecore.ContentSearch" />


Below is a screenshot taken from Luke showing indexed Number field values, incl. the fractional part. Note that the values are shown in Danish culture which means commas are displayed as the decimal mark:

Sitecore Number field value indexed using the PrecisionNumericFieldReader example

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